eBook released – to support domestic violence nonprofits – #dvchallenge

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1.  eBook and bound book now available, with proceeds to benefit domestic violence nonprofits – please read and share!

2.  Hyphen LitCrawl performance now on YouTube!


1.  eBook and bound book now available, with proceeds to benefit domestic violence nonprofits – please read and share!

“Asian American Anger – It’s a Thing!” explores anger in the context of domestic violence and misogyny in the Asian American community.  Readers have called the lead essay in the mini-volume (“Asian American Male Anger:  The Fast and the Furious”) “jarring”, “breathtaking”, and “important”.  It’s only 99 cents for the eBook – I hope you’ll find this affordable and useful to you as thinkers and community members.

I am not making any money on this – all proceeds will go to Narika and Maitri, two domestic violence nonprofits in the Bay Area, and other cultural organizations if enough money is earned.

I’ve only sold about a dozen copies so far in the first 5 days of availability – so I am depending on word of mouth and your kindness in purchasing and sharing the links to purchase the books.  I think you’ll find this a very powerful and stirring read.

Also included in the book is my essay on internet rage, “The Social Network is an IndigNation” – which is an excerpt from my book-in-progress about the psychology of social networks.  And – a dozen bonus poems about anger!

Here are the links:

Psychology Today Pacific Heart blogpost:  #dvchallenge: Let’s Get at the Roots of Domestic Violence!

Amazon, Kindle and Kindle app link  (You don’t need a Kindle to read this – you can download a free app to your desktop or smartphone.)

Createspace (preferred for physical bound book)

iBooks link (for iPad, iPhone and Mac)

Please share widely in your networks – and I would absolutely invite feedback on these essays.



2.  Hyphen LitCrawl performance now on YouTube!

I hope you enjoy this roughly 9 minute performance from Hyphen’s LitCrawl on October 18, 2014.  The individual poems are also on my YouTube channel, if you are so moved as to share any of them.

Litcrawl 2014

YouTube Channel

Happy October to you all!


Facebuddha manuscript complete!

I recently finished my book manuscript!  I’m now shopping it around to agents and publishers – wish me luck!

It’s called “Facebuddha:  Transcendence in the Age of Social Networks“, and covers the psychology of social networks and their effects on the self.  It’s unique and hopefully compelling in that it also has elements of memoir and travel, exploring relationships in Hanoi, Japan, and India before coming home to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley wonders.  Sign up for my newsletter at http://www.ravichandramd.com for the latest news – and please encourage your friends to do the same.  Already, readers have found it “quite impressive” and “pitch perfect”!